Beginning social media work in 06 using LiveJournal and Myspace, here's the secret we've learned to remaining relevant; social may be an ever-shifting nebulous thing, but good stories resonate no matter the platform.

From ARGs to viral, outdoor experiential to just a simple Friday Funny post, every element needs to ladder back to the story being told by and about your brand. Companies on social are literally interrupting the conversations of potential customers, so you'd better make sure what you're saying is worth hearing. 

We can

  • help you determine the story worth telling about you and your brand
  • develop a focused tone and creative style that ensures your customers recognise your content at a glance, while feeding into your overarching brand narrative
  • streamline processes to save you time and money
  • make recommendations on how to get the best results from your cash and your customers

1. There's only two stories; a person sets out on a quest, or a stranger comes to town.

2. No one ever set out to do a bad job. Learn to appreciate effort alongside accomplishment.


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If you feel you are not getting the most out of your social campaigns, we can assist.  From social starter packages for small businesses to detailed social campaigns for well known brands, we have the experience and ability to push your social strategy forward.  

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